Why Mediate?

Mediation – When You Don’t Want To Have A “Scorched Earth” Divorce

People going thru divorce can be divided into three categories:

  • Those that need to fight
  • Those that want to fight, and…
  • Those that just want to get it over and say goodbye – with no hard feelings.

If you have visited the other pages on this website, you know that Mike is good at aggressively litigating a case, for those clients forced into a fight.

However, not every case needs to be aggressively litigated.  Sometimes, the parties just need a little help resolving their differences.

Some people would rather keep their assets rather than turn them over to attorneys to pay for expensive court battles.

Some people would prefer to keep their ex as a resource, maybe even a friendly partner, to help raise the kids.

Those people need mediation, not litigation.


The Courts Encourage People To Mediate.

If people reach an agreement outside of court, and the court thinks it is fair, it will enforce that agreement.

Mike has attended mediation training.  He has participated in hundreds of mediations.  He has helped clients reach agreements affecting the rest of their lives.


You Are In Control

If you and your spouse choose Mike Gallagher as your mediator, he will not be your attorney.  He will not be the other party’s attorney.  He will be your mediator.  He will be the negotiator.  He will be the facilitator.  You and the other party will be making the decisions.  He will be helping you.

You can bring your own attorney if you like.  You can have your own attorney review the agreement before it is finalized.  In fact, it is advisable that you do so.

However, if is infinitely cheaper to have an attorney review an agreement you have negotiated yourself versus paying that same attorney to do battle in court and lay waste to the other side.


Think about it

One reasonable mediation fee to settle the case and remain friends, versus two large retainers for two attorneys to go to war and have an armistice no better than North Korea and South Korea.


Take Action

Hiring Mike Gallagher to help mediate settlement discussions, utilizing his many years of experience and calling upon his skills as a litigator, will avoid the expense and waste in hiring two litigators who will forever damage your relationship with the other party. Contact Mike Gallagher now.